” From the start, Roy came across as very friendly and helpful. He made an effort to welcome my son and was extremely enthusiastic. He talked through everything with me and I felt happy to leave them to it after seeing how comfortable my son was. A huge relief for me as he usually struggles, especially with people he doesn’t know.

I would recommend Relax Kids and Roy to others. We look forward to future sessions.


Magical Adventures parent

” My son attended the Harbour Holiday class with you. It was very easy to register and I found you to be a very knowledgeable and professional contact.

It was easy to find the venue which was clean and tidy, and you were very welcoming, confident, and enthusiastic.

I liked your calmness and the interest that you showed for my son. I would recommend you and your classes to others.”

Little Stars parent

‘You write very beautifully. It was a pleasure to read’ – JB, Oxford

Beautiful pleasure

‘Really interesting and sound advice’ – PR, Oxford


‘Great post, and profoundly good advice for us all.’ – M.McCarthy, Oxford

Great post

“This blog is brilliant. Keep it up. ” – SM, RESTORE Worker, Oxford