Self-esteem and confidence at an all-time low? Try being a performer, having a panic attack and depression and still walking out on stage. I did.

Stressed out and confused? Like every day! It still happens, but less so as I’m able to recognise the emotions about to hit me like a top-speed train and avert them before the worst happens.

Lost, tired, worried? OK, if you’re lost. Let’s get you a map (a life one, of course) and get you back on track. If you’re tired, you need sleep. Let’s work on that one with a variety of techniques. Oh, and worried? Well, it depends what you’re worried about, but we’ll give that a go too.

I’ve seen it, heard it, been through some of it myself. I’ve sat in those mind-numbing meetings where I’ve had to advocate for young people who haven’t got a voice, been a shoulder for the tears (I have such a wet shoulder now), and been a space giver, where future options have been thrashed out when no options existed.

There’s a lot of talk about young people here. I’m a Youth Worker first and foremost but that doesn’t mean to say I’ve not worked with adults. Either way, I’ll provide a fun and professional outlook on life. I’ve managed to help adults push through when they’re stuck in a rut or unsure about their career options – long distance too via Skype! I’ve even worked with businesses to bring some calm to the day and appreciation for each other.

I offer relaxation sessions incorporating the Relax Kids processes, mentoring and coaching, and a fresh outlook to problem-solving, notably in youth settings. I am also developing courses and workshops for adults and children around confidence building and creativity, so watch this space.

A calm and kind coach and I would recommend him