Just Relax

What is Just Relax?

Just Relax is the adult’s version of Relax Kids. It’s a relaxation course for you, the parent, the overstretched teacher, the business boffin, the one who always says ‘I don’t have enough time for myself’. Just Relax helps you make time.

wonder womanSounds easy, right? OK. It might take a little bit of effort from yourself to roll out of the car park into the building, from the office to the conference room, or wherever else I’ve popped up to run classes for you, but it will be worth it.

Even superhero’s need to recharge.

You’re seen by your children, colleagues, or family as superhero, right? Yet your attempt at winding down is probably flicking through Facebook whilst watching Corrie before crawling into bed, but don’t we tell the children not to do that? Now it’s time for you. Just a few sessions can help you feel the benefits.

What’s it all about?

One in four adults will experience a mental health problem in their lives. These issues are often directly linked to what is happening in our lives, so let’s learn how to cope better. Classes follow the same process as the children’s ones and give you tools to improve your wellbeing

Classes include the following:

> Simple movement exercises allowing you to release built-up tension.
> Fun games lets you explore your inner child and laugh – it uses less wrinkles than being angry.
> Basic stretches improve balance and inner strength whilst self and peer massage promotes self-awareness.
> Breathing exercises reduce and calm the emotions flying through the nervous system, calming down anxiety, and bringing inner calm to your world.
> Positive affirmation work boosts self-esteem and confidence, whilst relaxation and visualisation exercises promote calmness and peace.

When? Where? What?

Course length varies between 4-6 weeks. Whilst it’s difficult sometimes to step through the door for the first time, I’d urge you to come with an open mind and be prepared to enjoy it so much that you’re yearning to return the next week. Accept that it’s your time to relax. Enjoy it!

If you’re expecting me to be wearing lycra, you’re sorely mistaken. It’s not flattering on this body even if I do practice positive affirmation work. If you want to wear it, that’s fine, but don’t be put off if not. Just be comfortable. If that’s tracky bottoms, cargo trousers, or something similar, that’s fine. I’d recommend bringing a bottle of wine water too. We don’t usually get hot and sweaty but keeping hydrated is key to a healthy session.