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As 2021 arrived I decided to take on a massive challenge called LEJOG (Lands End to John O’Groats) which involves walking for 1083 miles. I want to do it by mid May as that is World Mental Health Awareness Week and as part of that I’m hoping to raise some funds for Restore, a local mental health charity.

Along the way, I want to discover about the places I ‘visit’ and hopefully share some mental health stories with you too so I will update you as and when I have info to share. This may be blogs, vlogs, I’m not sure. It may even be a bit of a weird diary entry. Mainly, I’m hoping you enjoy it. Oh, and check back regularly because I may put a quick entry in then pad it out later. If you have photos or information on any of the areas I’ve ‘visited’ that you’d like to share, please do get in touch.

If anyone has any amazing (and better) ways of sharing this with you all, please get in touch. Don’t forget to check out my Ramble page for the latest.

As I’m wanting to get real stories about the places I am visiting, especially if they promote mental health and wellbeing, I’d love to hear from you if you know the area or have visited the area and benefited from it.

Why I’m doing this

About Restore Oxford.

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