‘Everybody has the ability to soar and create the life they want, but sometimes they need the help, support, and encouragement to do it. Let me be the one to inspire you.’


Featured Writer 2019
Placed Top 30 2020

Please bear with me as I update the website

and What I Do

Using a variety of methods, I offer workshops and classes to explore your creativity, boost your self-esteem and confidence, and help you relax. Whether 1:1 or in group settings, I centre you as an individual and aim to create a safe, calm, and supportive environment.

I’m involved with a lot of different projects as you can tell. Relax Kids gives me the opportunity to plan and run relaxation and confidence building classes for all ages. My Creative work is my chance to explore different worlds whilst providing entertainment for others. Kennington Youth Club is my baby. From being a closed club I sparked life back into it and now oversee its continued success. The Training Effect (TTE) is one of the UK’s leading providers of health-based interventions for children and young people and I work freelance as one of their workshop leaders. Finally, I have just been appointed Lived Experience Facilitator with the Oxfordshire Discovery College, and will help develop this exciting new project which will also offer wellbeing classes to young people. Aside from this, I also work part-time in a primary school.

Roy…creates a positive and caring atmosphere and goes above the call of duty to support those who need it.

Thank you so much for delivering a very insightful and enjoyable workshop. We learned some vital techniques and it was a great experience.

It’s been great working with you. Thank you for all your support. You’ve been a lovely person to communicate with during all this. I hope our paths cross again one day. 

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A playful performer with great energy. Fun to watch.

Mark Curtis, Small Nose Productions

Roy has a sensational voice and clear presence whilst performing

Michael Corbidge, Voice and Text Associate, RSC